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The Truth About Tobacco



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Screenshot from the educational video,
The Truth About Tobacco
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More photos and high-res video
See the online press kit for Mr. Reynolds’ live talks 

Tobaccofree Earth LOGOS

Tobaccofree Earth LOGOS

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Screenshot from the educational video,
The Truth About Tobacco788k jpg for print
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Screenshot from the educational video,
The Truth About Tobacco

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 Malboro Country by

Mr. Reynolds uses this overhead in his video and live talks to youth.

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Joe Chemo in a hospital bed.

Mr. Reynolds uses this overhead in his DVD and live talks to youth.

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Mr. Reynolds uses this overhead in his video and live talks to youth.429K jpg

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A frame from the new video, The Truth About Tobacco

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Mr. Reynolds uses these before and after images in his video and live talks. He employs storytelling, skillfully telling the sad story of Sean Marsee, a promising high school track star who started using chewing tobacco in his mid teens. Sean became addicted and died of mouth and jaw cancer at 19.




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Mr. Reynolds shows these heart wrenching before-and-after photos of Sean Marsee, who lived in Oklahoma in the 1970’s. This part of the video makes a very compelling case, especially to younger children, to remain tobacco free. None will remain unmoved after hearing this sad story.


Patrick Reynolds
No fee necessary if circulation is under 200,000. If over 200,000, please e-mail Mickey Krakowski for fee info: All usage needs to have photo credit of: Visible Light Photo/Mickey Krakowski. Tear sheets would be greatly when possible.160K jpg
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Frame from the video. No permission required.840k jpg for print
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Frame from the new video
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Frame from the video. No permission required.694k jpg for print
BEFORE Mr. Reynolds uses this image in his video and live talks to youth. BEFORE: Patrick’s father, R.J. Reynolds, Jr. in 1946, in good health at age 40. A Lieutenant-Commander in the Navy in WWII, he was navigator for a task force in the Pacific. He smoked since his teens, first Camels and later Winstons. Patrick Reynolds’ book, The Gilded Leaf, was published by Little, Brown in 1989. It tells the biography of three generations of the Reynolds family. Now out of print, it may be found at most libraries, used bookstores, or ordered through a book search by
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Corbis Image # U1330-545
AFTER Mr. Reynolds uses this image in his video and live talks to youth. AFTER: R.J. Reynolds, Jr., in 1962, age 56, terminally ill with emphysema, holding an oxygen bottle. Here during his divorce proceedings against his third wife. He remarried and died in Switzerland in December, 1964. Permission / fee neccessary to print
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A frame from the new video.

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This image was created from the one directly above it. In one highly successful art design, it was superimposed with the image at left.

In the version for download below, the black area overhead was extended to create a vertical layout. The extra black area on top left room for poster copy, and matched the image at left when the two images were superimposed.

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DVD box wrap cover

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DVD box

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in 1946, age 30, newly married to R.J. REYNOLDS, JR.

A former starlet under contract to Warner Brothers, Marianne began smoking around after meeting R.J. Jr., because she thought it would please her husband. However, he was very displeased about her starting the habit, even though he smoked himself. In later years she developed angina, and two heart attacks. She died in Miami in 1985, from an aneurism of the stomach.

No permission required for this photo.

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R.J.REYNOLDS, who founded the tobacco company in 1875, began manufacturing Camel cigarettes in 1913. He died in 1918, of cancer of the pancreas, after a lifetime of chewing tobacco — ironically, the same product which established his fortune, and earlier, his father’s, in the tobacco business. Studies have linked cancer of the pancreas to chewing tobacco. He married at age 53, and died at age 67, when his eldest son, RJ Reynolds, Jr., was just 12. As a result, R.J. Jr. would never spend much time working in the tobacco business, nor would any of R.J. Jr.’s 6 sons.

No permission required for this photo.

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Patrick Reynolds
Patrick Reynolds
No permission required.4 x 6 jpg5 x 7 jpg8×10 jpgPoster size for lecture promotionMore photos
The international no smoking symbol. No permission required.
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27K gif MORE LOGOSMORE PHOTOSThe online press kit for Patrick Reynolds’ speaking work
contains additional photos and art.

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