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Lecture at Georgia State University, followed by Q&A – Patrick Reynolds’ gave this powerful 33 minute lecture at Georgia State University in Atlanta. It was filmed September 29, 2016. Reynolds tells his personal story of crossing over from being a scion of a tobacco manufacturing family to becoming a distinguished anti-tobacco crusader firmly on the side of the health community. He speaks about the value of higher tobacco taxes, smoking bans, tobacco prevention education, and more. Info on his live talks is at

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 33 minutes
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Clips from keynote lecture at Northern Michigan University, 2014
Preparing students and faculty for a stronger smokefree campus policy
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Filmed April 8, 2014 – 6 minutes
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Speaker Patrick Reynolds prepares Northern Michigan University students for an upcoming new smokefree campus policy. Reynolds also gives motivational talks to corporate employees to empower them to quit smoking, or to prepare them for a strengthened campus smoking policy. In all his talks, he tells his very personal story as the member of the RJ Reynolds tobacco family who crossed over.

Additional videos with Mr. Reynolds are posted on our YouTube channel, and a sampling of his TV news interviews and debates are at


Patrick Reynolds speaks to 1,000 factory employees transitioning to a tobacco-free campus. He offers powerful motivation for quitting smoking and discusses second hand smoke to prepare them for a strengthened company smoking ban. Filmed at Adams Thermal Systems’ plant in Canton, SD on April 17, 2013. See client feedback about this talk. 

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YOUTH: In this excerpt from his bestselling educational video The Truth About Tobacco, Patrick Reynolds points to studies showing that many young people today are worried about the future. He urges his audience of 1,000 ninth graders to keep their faith the years ahead, and to catch his faith that there are wondrous times coming. Filmed in 2000, a year before the September 11th attacks and twenty years before the Corona virus pandemic, more than ever Reynolds’ message is vitally important for youth to hear. To learn more or order the complete educational video, please see

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YOUTH: In this excerpt from his educational video The Truth About Tobacco, Patrick Reynolds revives the ancient tradition of initiation for teens. “I want to gently open your eyes to the reality that there’s bad in the world, and that life brings everyone painful moments and obstacles. It’s not meant to be easy, and it’s by our struggles to succeed that we define our characters and become strong men and women. By staying with whatever difficulty life throws at us, we solve our problems — not by running away. Many adults escape their pain with cigarettes, food, alcohol, drugs, TV, or even work. A lot of teens use music. When problems arise, and they will, don’t alter your mood by running away to these. Stay with the problem and talk to others about it — a trusted teacher, your parents, the school counselor, your friends. Talk to someone. You’re initiated now — and a little closer to the world of adults.” To learn more or order the complete educational video, please see

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YOUTH: In this acclaimed clip from the educational video The Truth About Tobacco, Reynolds tells the touching and powerful story of Sean Marsee, a young track star who died at 19 from chewing tobacco, illustrated with heartrending before and after photos. This video went viral on YouTube. To learn more or order the complete educational video, please see

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YOUTH: This clip about tobacco advertising opens students’ eyes and provides strong evidence that it manipulates teens. From the educational video The Truth About Tobacco. To learn more or order the video, please see

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YOUTH:  Smoking in movies helped push up teen smoking rates in the 2000s, along with billions spent on tobacco advertising and sadly, growing teen pessimism about the future. From the acclaimed educational video, The Truth About Tobacco. To learn more or order the video, please see

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YOUTH: A powerful warning to teens and preteens about how addicting tobacco is. “Once you start smoking, it’s almost impossible to stop,” Patrick Reynolds says in this clip. It opens with an award-winning TV spot from the Truth ad campaign, and closes with another powerful TV spot. Excerpted from the acclaimed educational video, The Truth About Tobacco. Get more info at

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YOUTH: Video of a complete 45 minute talk to youth, presented at the Reed School.
Live talk at Reed Middle & High School – Part 1
Part 2Part 3Part 4
Filmed April 1, 2011  


Complete keynote speech to adults in Tampa on November 7, 2015, to the AARC (American Association of Respiratory Care). An audience of 6,000 attended this session of the annual  Congress.

Direct link to YouTube video Running time: 43 minutes
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A complete community talk to adults at Lakeland Health Care, a hospital in St. Joseph, Michigan
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Filmed April 14, 2011 – 1 hour 27 minutes


YOUTH: Impassioned talk to 900 teens at a New England high school, filmed on a cell phone.
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November 15, 2011 – 9 minutes 42 seconds (excerpt)

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