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CCTV America


May 31, 2015

Patrick Reynolds on the global no smoking campaign, on World No Tobacco Day


On World No Tobacco Day 2015, CCTV's Susan Roberts spoke to Patrick Reynolds about the global campaign to reduce smoking rates. Mr. Reynolds offers his unique perspective and insight on tobacco issues, and in the larger picture, on regulation itself. Tobacco is a good example of how regulation -- in this case, smoking bans, tobacco taxes, mass ad campaigns, and education in public schools -- can be an effective tool for policy makers, and government at its best.



Al Jazeera English

June 21, 2011

FDA's graphic new warnings
on tobacco products


  The FDA's graphic new cigarette warning labels are a major landmark in the fight against tobacco in the US. The labels are required on 50% of the front and back of all cigarette packs starting in September, 2012. The United States joins 43 other countries that already require similar labels.


Al Jazeera
The Riz Khan Show

January 5, 2011
Debate: Big Tobacco Goes Global


Tobacco giants are marketing heavily to a new generation of customers in developing nations. "As they have in the past, they're using tobacco farmers as pawns in a bid to deflect attention away from the health issues," says Patrick Reynolds of Tobaccofree.org. Mr. Reynolds debates the chief executive of the International Tobacco Growers' Association. Their impassioned discussion sheds light on international tobacco issues, cigarette company tactics and the main points of the UN's global treaty on tobacco.



October 14, 2010
Big Tobacco Sues NYC


Debate over a lawsuit filed by three tobacco companies against the city of New York over mandated graphic warning ads at all tobacco points of sale


  NBC and ABC TV News Affiliates
Salt Lake City, UT

October 11, 2010
Salt Lake City Tribune, Deseret News
KSL NBC TV, Fox TV 13, Howard Stern (Sirius)
& other Fox and NBC affiliates


News coverage of live talk at a middle school
Salt Lake City, Utah


  NBC and ABC TV News Affiliates
Baltimore MD

April 29, 2010


Motivational talks to youth and adults
Outreach for Sheppard Pratt Health System, Baltimore



The Call


March 5, 2010
General Electric
Bans Smoking Worldwide


Guest Patrick Reynolds debates smokers' rights advocate Audrey Silk.




Dr. Nancy Snyderman

October 15, 2009
Should smoking be made illegal?


Guest Patrick Reynolds debates smokers' rights advocate Audrey Silk.



Fox News Channel
Opening Bell

June 22nd, 2009
Obama Signs Bill for
FDA Regulation of Tobacco


Guest Patrick Reynolds explains the bill for FDA regulation of tobacco, and his plans to tour in China, India, Russia, the Middle East, and other nations where smoking rates are high.

Los Angeles
June 22, 2009
Patrick Reynolds: An Unlikely Advocate
for FDA Regulation of Tobacco




Fox News Channel

July 27, 2008
Global Fight Against Smoking

The Bloomberg and Gates Foundations jointly give $500 million to fight smoking in poorer nations. Guest Patrick Reynolds
applauds the focus on nations where smoking rates are highest, and talks about his Foundation's plan to send him on tour in China, India, Russia, and the Middle East.

  SKAI-TV Network


April 27, 2009
Media profile in Greece

Mr. Reynolds was invited by the Greece's Minister of Health to build public awareness of the dangers of smoking and second hand smoke. His visit attracted major national press coverage in Greece. Following his visit, the Minister sent a strong letter of recommendation about his experience with Mr. Reynolds, intended as a testimonial to be sent to other Health Ministers. It's included in Tobaccofree.org's proposal to Health Ministers to invite Mr. Reynolds to go on a press tour of their nation, raising awareness about tobacco. His proposal will be sent to the governments of China, India, Russia and to the UN World Health Organization's complete list of Health Ministers.



Fox News Channel
Brett Baier

June 24, 2007
Quitting more effective than Phillip Morris' safer cigarette


Patrick Reynolds: "It will be decades before we have reliable data on whether this cigarette is truly safer; it takes 20 to 30 years to get the heart and lung disease smoking causes. Will it 5% safer or 25% safer? It's like jumping off the 10th floor instead of the 20th floor. The only safe thing to do is to quit. Twenty states have now passed laws providing for 100% smokefree bars and restaurants --
eighteen of them in the past four years alone... Phillip Morris, watch out!"

  Fox News Channels
Hannity & Colmes
May 29, 2007
Smoking Bans




CBS Early Show

March 14, 2007
Banning smoking everywhere


The town of Belmont, CA is considering a ban of smoking in apartments with shared ventilation systems.

Guests: Patrick Reynolds of Smokefree America, and Esther Schiller of the Smokefree Apartment House Registry



March 13, 2007
Movie industry under pressure to
limit audiences for films with smoking

Website summary only


"There’s a clear link between the percentage of characters who smoke in films and the rate of youth smoking,” said Patrick Reynolds... Reynolds said he applauded the idea of a mandatory R rating, but he said it was more practical to seek voluntary restraint from filmmakers, along with the screening of anti-smoking ads before movies and regulatory oversight to ensure that tobacco companies don’t pay production companies to put tobacco branding in their pictures.


March 3, 2007
More colleges ban smoking on campus

Debate between Patrick Reynolds and Gary Nolan, The Smoker's Club.


Smoking in cars with children present

January 22, 2007
CNBC, Power Lunch
MSNBC Morning Debate
MSNBC Afternoon Debate

Also:Debate, January 19, 2007
Fox News Channel, Weekend Live,
Debate, January 28, 2007


Proposals for smoking bans in cars with kids are cropping up around the country. Guests: Patrick Reynolds, Executive Director, Foundation For A SmokeFree America; Gary Nolan, The Smoker's Club Spokesman. Host: CNBC's Sue Herera.

  Patrick Reynolds'
5 city press tour of Ohio
Issue 4 vs. Issue 5

October 26, 2006
Cincinnati and Dayton

October 27, 2006

October 25, 2006
Cleveland and Columbus


Patrick Reynolds' five city press tour of Ohio two weeks before the election was one of many ways a coalition led by the American Cancer Society educated the public about two competing ballot measures. Issue 5 would provide for Statewide 100% smokefree restaurants & bars, and Issue 4, an R.J. Reynolds-sponsored measure masquerading as a smoking ban, would have permitted smoking Statewide. Although outspent by two to one, the Cancer Society's ballot measure passed in the election. Newspapers ran front section page stories, in addition to the TV coverage above. The political campaign's manager sent this letter of support detailing her experience working with Mr. Reynolds' on this campaign. Following this he flew to Missouri to campaign for Amendment 3, below.



Missouri Amendment 3
Cigarette tax

Press conference in Kansas City, MO

October 17, 2006
Kansas City, MO, Channel 9 KMBC (ABC),
Channel 4 WDAF (FOX)

Text at KMBC website
Text at Fox4 Website


  Tampa 10 (CBS) May 10, 2006
Anti-smoking advocate denounces family ties
to the tobacco industry

Tampa Bay News 9

Talks at high schools in Tampa, FL

May 9, 2006
Anti-smoking grandson of RJ Reynolds
tells kids, Don't smoke!

"In the school auditorium at Middleton High Wednesday morning, Patrick Reynolds took the stage, microphone in hand, and began telling his story...."

Web text of CBS 10 report
Video clips from his live talk for youth



Seen in NJ, NY, and PA

April 27, 2006
Anti-smoking advocate speaks at local school, says NJ needs to do more for kids


Reynolds, to teens during a talk at a high school in Somerset County, NJ: "By making itself the outlaw rebel of the tobacco industry, who do you think RJ Reynolds is positioning itself to appeal to?" He showed the audience RJR's candy flavored cigarette ads, and RJR's Kool packages with a DJ, hip-hop artist and youth party on recent packaging, asking, "How do you feel about this?"

... News anchor, concluding story: Reynolds says New Jersey is doing very little to shield kids from the dangers that lurk in their first puff. He's calling for higher levels of funding for the State's youth tobacco prevention programs -- specifically to designate more than just 1% of the more than $1 billion the State collects each year in tobacco revenues. He applauds the Garden State for its $2.40 per pack cigarette tax and the recent Clean Indoor Air Act.


  Fox News Channel
Neil Cavuto, Your World
March 27, 2006
Are tobacco tax hikes fair to smokers?




CBS Evening News
Repeated next morning on affiliates

March 20, 2006
Luxury smoking lounge loophole


CONCLUSION: "While executives of the tobacco giant [RJR] say the timing of all this is coincidental to Chicago's smoking ban, R.J. Reynolds’ anti-smoking grandson says he doubts that. 'It really is an in-your-face effort to say, 'Hey, here is a bar where we found a loophole where you can still smoke. It is a rebellion on the part of R.J. Reynolds,' says Patrick Reynolds."

Welcome to the Smoking Lounge (Text version at CBS website)


On the Money with Dylan Ratigan

December 21, 2005
High speed

Patrick Reynolds: "Companies should not be able to fire smokers simply
because they smoke at home."



Tucker Carlson

November 7, 2005
High speed

Debate about the new, "safer" cigarette



  Fox News Channel
Your World with Neil Cavuto

October 19, 2005
High speed

Should NW Airlines ask employees to quit smoking, to reduce the airline's health insurance costs?


  Fox News Channel
Your World with Neil Cavuto

December 13, 2002
High speed

A broken promise to our kids -- States not spending Big Tobacco's lawsuit payments on tobacco prevention programs, despite proven success in several States




Talkback Live

February 21, 2002
High speed

Should the legal age to buy tobacco be raised to 21?




Fox News Channel
Hannity & Colmes

June, 2001
$3 Billion Award to Lung Cancer Victim




The Early Show

July 18, 2000
High Speed

Tobacco lawsuit awards $145 billion to FL smokers: Should these lawsuits be allowed?



  Norwalk, Bellevue, Ashland, Mansfield, Ohio
February 12, 2008

Speaking tour of Ohio middle and high schools sponsored by local hospitals.




Alexandria, Louisiana

Community and youth talks

Jan 9, 2008

ABC 31 News
KALB (NBC) News Channel 5, Live at Noon



  Pensacola, Florida April 27, 2007
Pensacola Speaking Event



  Greenbay, WI

October 1, 2001

Greenbay, WI





Print media coverage

Video of talk for youth
Video of talk for adults


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Video of Patrick Reynolds' complete talk for community members or universities
Filmed April 14, 2011 - 1 hour 27 minutes



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The above clips are from the bestselling educational video
of Patrick Reynolds' live assembly program

For grades 7-12