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Our NGO has an ongoing presence in 81 nations around the globe.

About Tobaccofree Earth

Tobaccofree Earth’s mission is to motivate youth to stay vape and tobacco free, and to empower those addicted to nicotine to quit successfully. Best known for its youth smoking prevention campaign, the org also provides free evidence-based information each month to thousands of smokers searching for support to quit.

Tobaccofree Earth also works internationally to inform leading government officials in nations with high smoking rates about the specific policies which have successfully reduced tobacco prevalence in every nation which has implemented them. President Obama awarded Executive Director Patrick Reynolds the White House’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

The group’s website impacts millions of pre-teens and teens with its strong prevention education messages focused on vaping, chewing tobacco, hookahs and cigarettes. One of its educational videos, The Truth About Tobacco, has now been purchased by over 11,000 schools and health departments in the US and internationally.

Tobaccofree Earth was awarded a $10,000 per month in-kind grant from Google for advertising. The continuing grant empowers the org to raise public awareness about vaping and tobacco use, to reach smokers with free cessation tips, and to provide to youth in school with powerful prevention motivation and resources.

The website also offers a global news database making it uniquely possible for journalists to research news articles and for students to research papers on any tobacco issue.

In 2009 Greece’s Minister of Health invited Executive Director Patrick Reynolds to speak in Athens, and there was strong coverage by the national newsmedia of his goodwill visit. He has become a top speaker and advocate in his field, and met privately with the Minister of Health. The Foundation is now seeking corporate, private and government sponsors for additional goodwill tours of nations with high smoking rates. The news coverage would bring a powerful reminder about vaping and smoking to millions of people in each nation he visits.

Tobaccofree Earth is a tax-exempt, public foundation. Please donate now to support the Foundation’s mission and outreach in the US and internationally.

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