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Cost of Patrick Reynold’s
Live Presentations

NOTE: If you’re a school lacking funding, hospitals often sponsor Mr. Reynolds’ talks to youth in schools; he’ll speak again on their campuses. Sometimes they partner with other local hospitals and have him speak at multiple schools. Tell a hospital’s Director of Marketing you have a speaker who’s likely to attract local press coverage, and that it’s a great outreach to the community for them. Mr. Reynolds will also speak at their hospital. Our Five Minute Plan tells you who to call and offers talking points.

The cost of Patrick Reynolds’ live presentations is $4,000 for two talks, plus travel expenses from Los Angeles. He will speak to adults, youth or a combination.

Additional talks are $2,000; he can give up to three per day.

If you’re lacking sufficient funding, hospital Marketing Directors often fully sponsor his talks. Hospitals often like to partner with other hospitals, and his fee may be split between hospitals, County Health Departments, local civic groups, or any combination of sponsors.

His total travel expenses from Los Angeles are usually under $1,000, depending on the cost of his air ticket.

To hold the date, a 50% deposit on the speaking fee typically follows signing of our standard agreement. You may substitute your own contract, if your policy requires it, or have your legal department review ours.

He can come on short notice if he’s available, or we can also book months in advance. The amount of lead time simply depends on your needs and his availability.

His talks generally run about 45 minutes, but his speaking time can be tailored to your event.

Schools typically offer a 50 minute school period, but when possible, Mr. Reynolds prefers to have a full hour for talks at schools to youth.

Time permitting, Patrick will hold a Q&A session after his talks.

Adult programs often last 90 minutes: a talk of about 45 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of Q&A. Often there is an informal reception following his adult program.

There is no charge for him to attend receptions, meet-and-greets, a luncheon, or to give press interviews.

There is further information at That page has links to the content of his talk for adults, an outline of his talk for youth, recent news coverage of his live talks, video clips from his talks, and testimonials by his recent clients. You may also click on the links to these just below.

Please call or email me to discuss further details. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Mr. Reynolds is a wonderful speaker, and I am sure you will be pleased.

Many thanks for caring about the issue of tobacco use.

Amy Kim
email: patrick — at —
Office Tel (310) 577-9828 Fax (310) 388-1350
Mr. Reynolds’ cell: (310) 880-1111
8117 Manchester Ave Suite 500 Playa del Rey CA 90293 USA

What past clients say

Brochure for Hospitals

Content of the talk for youth

Content of the talk for adults

Videos of recent TV interviews

Recent print and TV coverage

Video clips from his youth talk

Talking points to enlist cosponsors


Local County Health Department tobacco control personnel
often offer support to help clients book schools

You will likely get support in booking Mr. Reynolds into local middle and high schools from the person assigned to tobacco control in the County Health Department. They usually have a strong relationship with local schools.

Some funding may even be available toward his school talks from the health department, although only three States presently (in 2011) have significant funding for tobacco prevention education. In one case, the Mayor’s office had unused funding.


Venues in which Mr. Reynolds has spoken professionally have included hospitals, local colleges, civic auditoriums, charity benefits and local schools.

Some middle and high schools permit community members to be invited to their school to attend his youth talks. Mr. Reynolds will often speak to adults on a hospital campus.

The Student Activities Director at a local college may provide a venue on their campus, and sometimes cosponsor; colleges usually have a budget for guest speakers. Call the Student Activities Office at a local college to propose the idea.

Scheduling Talk Times

If you desire an evening presentation, please schedule it on the same day he arrives from Los Angeles, in order to avoid two overnight stays.

Because Mr. Reynolds is traveling from California, he is accustomed to that time zone. If you are in the Midwest or East, please make best efforts to avoid scheduling his first daytime talk in the early morning. An 8:00 am talk in the East, for example, equates to 5am California time. If he’s arriving from California the night before, late morning times are preferred whenever possible. If he is already on the road, it will not matter.

On the final day of his tour, please make best efforts to schedule his last talk in the morning, so that he can make a flight which will land back in Los Angeles on the same day. Our office will work together with you on travel arrangements, after our standard contract has been signed.

Check airline schedules as a first step toward planning his talk times there. Delta is his preferred airline, as they often upgrade his ticket.

We also recommend the new educational video of his live talk for 6th – 12th grade.

Whether Mr. Reynolds speaks to large or small groups, media coverage is usually excellent in medium size cities. It’s a great way to bring the smokefree message to your entire city, generate goodwill, and make a difference in the local community.

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