Why is the price so high for videos licensed for schools?

Educational videos are made especially for use by schools and libraries. As a result, the potential sales are much more limited than products designed for the consumer market.

In order to recover the costs of production and advertising, educational videos have a substantially higher price than consumer items. It’s usual and customary for libraries and schools to pay a higher price for them.

Obtaining Public Performance Rights

If you wish to show our video outside your home, you must purchase the public performance rights. Please see our upgrade form.

Public Performance Rights

In the case of our video, “public performance rights” means the right to show the video in a public place, or to transmit it to the public. This includes classrooms, TV broadcast, transmission over local cable networks, libraries, health departments, hospitals and other public venues.


There is a clear distinction between “home” versus “public” viewings. Our copyright restricts the manner in which our video may be shown. If you buy or rent a film or a videotape, you alwayshave permission to show it in your home. However, you are not allowed to show it in a classroom, library or any other public forum, without public performance rights.

Videos with performance rights are licensed for viewing at one school only, unless special permission is given.

Resale, rental and unauthorized duplication are strictly prohibited by law.

Additional Information

If you are interested in learning more about the laws about Intellectual Property, see the US Government web sites at https://www.commerce.gov/issues/intellectual-property or http://www.info.gov. If you have further questions about purchasing our video, please contact

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