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Use the message below as a follow-up e-mail after your phone conversation with the hospital's Director of Marketing or CEO's assistant (we have had especially good response from hospital CEO's).

During your call ask, "Would you like me to submit some information by e-mail?" They almost always like this, because the CEO's assistant or Director of Marketing can easily circulate the message to other staff at the hospital. Remember to write down their e-mail!

Do not just send the message below and bypass making the call. An initial phone call is the most effective approach, followed immediately by an e-mail like the draft below. The message below will double your impact.

Feel free to rewrite our draft as you wish, and remember to sign your name at bottom, and add your contact info if you wish.

Thanks for caring about the tobacco problem. Your efforts may well result in a great community event with real impact among youth and adults, and on the whole community through strong local press coverage. You will have helped save lives!

If you like, download our 4 page brochure for hospitals, save it to your desktop and attach it to your e-mail. However, there's also a link to the same brochure online, and that link is included in the message below.




TO: Hospital CEO / Director of Marketing

SUBJECT: Proposal for community outreach which will attract positive local press coverage

As a follow-up to our phone conversation of today, here is information about Patrick Reynolds, the grandson of tobacco company founder R.J. Reynolds who publicly advocated tobacco prevention and cessation programs in Congress, after smoking killed his own father.

I believe this seasoned speaker would be an excellent community outreach for your health care system, with excellent potential to attract positive local news coverage. His program will build goodwill for your hospital here in our community.

Your hospital's director of lung cancer or coronary disease could also be added to the program, to call attention to those units at your hospital.

Mr. Reynolds has been sponsored by many U.S. hospitals, and typically speaks twice at no added cost. Hospitals often have him speak on the hospital campus to community members, and give a second talk at a local middle or high school. Budget permitting, he can speak at additional schools. Some hospitals prefer two youth talks and a luncheon with local officials. See what his past clients say in the links below.

I think it would be a great media draw to have this member of a well known tobacco family give his smoking prevention assembly program before hundreds of students, and to also have him speak the same day (or evening before) to adults on your hospital campus.

We would very much like him to speak at our school.

A 4 page brochure for hospitals about this program is posted at www.Tobaccofree.org/hospitals.pdf


Patrick Reynolds has become one of the nation's best-known known U.S. tobaccofree advocates, campaigning over the years for ballot measures and State Assembly bills to ban smoking in the workplace, to increase spending on teen smoking prevention programs, for FDA regulation and more. He has also helped launch a strengthened smokefree policy for many health care systems.

His second passion is speaking to youth in school, and his talks at middle schools and high schools have won rave reviews. Please see the links I'll paste in below.

His speaking fee is $4,000 plus travel from Los Angeles for two talks, whether to youth or adults. With travel, the cost should be under $5,000. Press interviews and meet and greets are at no extra fee. Additional talks are $2,000, and he can give up to three per day.

If this is not in your budget, perhaps your hospital has a foundation which would fund this program. They may also know of a foundation in the community. Sometimes even mayor's office has extra unused funds.

Feel free to send this message on to other hospitals, offering to partner with them, and additional talks at area middle or high schools can then be scheduled. Travel expenses will be shared among the sponsors.

You will likely get added support, and possibly some funds, from whoever at the County Health Department is assigned to tobacco control. Typically this person will have a relationship with local schools, and will agree to help book Mr. Reynolds' school assembly program in area schools, if you wish. Usually they know which schools need him most.

In sum, I believe this could be a good program for your hospital to participate in.

Let me know your thoughts, and do contact Mr. Reynolds' staff directly. I'll include his info after the links below.



www.Tobaccofree.org/patrick/ Basic info on live talks; for his program for adults, scroll down this page. His talk at schools is a great photo op for local press.

www.Tobaccofree.org/clients.htm Feedback from past clients (click on Hospitals)

www.tobaccofree.org/news/ Recent news coverage of his live talks and cable news channel segments

www.tobaccofree.org/costlive/ Cost info

www.tobaccofree.org/hospitals.pdf Brochure for hospital marketing staff with testimonials from other hospitals (four pages)

www.tobaccofree.org/vid.pdf Brochure for the 2011 Edition of our educational video of his live talk for youth, with reviews by teachers and trade journals (four pages)

www.tobaccofree.org/clips/ Online clips from his live talk for youth, excerpted from our educational video

www.tobaccofree.org/bio.htm Patrick Reynolds' bio

www.tobaccofree.org/intl.pdf His new international campaign targeting Russia, China, India, the Middle East and nations with high smoking rates

To contact Patrick Reynolds' office directly:

Amy Kim
e-mail: manager - at - tobaccofree.org

Tel (310) 577-9828 or (800)541-7741
Fax (310)388-1350

Mr. Reynolds' cell (310)880-1111

8117 Manchester Ave Ste 500
Playa del Rey CA 90293


Contact: Amy Kim
Tel: (310) 577-9828