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PR Newswire, 400 word press release (posted June 3, 2012 by Sacramento Bee and other news outlets)

Full length press release: Few California voters aware State has one of nation's lowest tobacco taxes

News Coverage

Prop 29 Loses by 28,000 votes out of 5 million cast



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As Patrick Reynolds speaks, to his right we see a list scrolling upward of the 32 other states with higher tobacco taxes than California's. 

Throughout the spot, we see the static title in red:

California  87 cents

List of State tobacco taxes scrolling up:

Alaska     $2.00
Arizona     $2.00
Arkansas     $1.15
Connecticut     $3.40
Delaware     $1.60
DC     $2.50
Florida     $1.40
Hawaii     $3.20
Illinois    $0.98
Indiana     $0.995
Iowa     $1.36
Maine     $2.00
Maryland     $2.00
Massachusetts     $2.51
Michigan     $2.00
Minnesota     $1.60
Montana $1.70
New Hampshire     $1.68
New Jersey     $2.70
New Mexico     $1.66
New York     $4.35
Ohio     $1.25
Oklahoma    $1.03
Oregon     $1.18
Pennsylvania     $1.60
Rhode Island     $3.46
South Dakota     $1.53
Texas     $1.41
Utah     $1.70
Vermont     $2.62
Washington     $3.02
Wisconsin     $2.52

Source for the State tobacco taxes quoted above is the Campaign for Tobaccofree Kids: 

Patrick Reynolds:

Did you know 32 States have tobacco taxes higher than California's?

If cigarettes cost a dollar more, fewer kids will start smoking, and more smokers will quit.

That means saving lives, and we’ll all save on future health care costs.

Big tobacco is spending $40 million to stop Prop 29. Don’t believe their ads.

Let's get our tobacco tax where it ought to be. (The title in red, 87 cents California, now changes to $1.87 California in green.)

Vote yes on 29.

We see the title Yes on 29 come on screen.  

# # #