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The Morning Drive with Randy Cook

Not a morning person?  640 WGST has the cure.  It's the Morning Drive with Randy Cook.

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Thursday's Morning Drive
Thursday 11-20-2008 8 am ET

Today is the Great American Smoke Out. Smokers all over the country are encouraged to give up the habit. We talked to (click to hear the full interview) Patrick Reynolds, the grandson of tobacco magnate R.J. Reynolds, who is now with

Captain Domingos Robinson from the Army Ground Forces Band talked about their upcoming holiday concert, Sunday, December 14th at the Georgia World Congress Center. You can get more information at the Army Ground Forces Band website.

A new survey from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation suggests that Georgia is not among the future economic hot spots in the US. Could this mean that the economic slowdown will hit us even harder? We talked to our economic expert Roger Tutterow from Mercer University.

Jeff Corwin from Animal Planet is working to solve a series problem that could threaten life on Earth as we know it: the vanishing frogs. We talked to him about his new documentary.

The Weekend Dish: David Hull and Helen Cauley had our weekly look at Atlanta-area restaurants. This week they have a few Thanksgiving dining ideas.

Monday's Morning Drive
Monday 11-17-2008 9:53am ET
On Today's Show:

It was an up and down week on Wall Street… mostly down, plus CitiGroup has announced that they will lay off 53,000 people. We talked to our financial guru Wes Moss and see if he can calm our nerves as we head into another week of trading.

President-elect Obama is said to be close to offering Hillary Clinton the role of Secretary of State in his administration. Even some Republicans say it would be a good choice. Is it a job that Clinton would take? We talked to Jeff Monosso from Fox News Radio who is covering the Obama transition in Chicago.

Jonathan Moore is a wounded warrior who recently had jaw and reconstructive surgery on his face after a terrible injury caused by the butt of a rifle. He talked to us for a few minutes about the work that Operation Homefront does to help the families of soldiers serving overseas.

John Hodgman The Daily Show's "resident expert" and also "PC" on the Mac commercials talked about his new book "More Information Than You Require"

Bruce Fretts from TV Guide had our weekly look at what’s coming up on TV this week.