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30 May, 2007 - Published 13:09 GMT
Beverly Hills smoking ban

The celebrity enclave of Beverly Hills in California has voted to ban smoking outside restaurants. The local council has passed a law prohibiting smoking on patios where people are eating and poolside bars. This report from Peter Bowes:

Listen to the story

Beverly Hills is one of the richest cities in America. It attracts tourists from around the world and is home to many expensive hotels and restaurants.

The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his friend, the actor Sylvester Stallone, have been known to enjoy a cigar on the patio of a local cafe. But such behaviour will be banned from October after Beverly Hills city council voted to create smoke-free areas outside restaurants. People will be able to smoke in sectioned-off areas around hotel swimming pools.

Opponents say the ban will prompt smokers to eat in nearby Los Angeles, which still allows people to light up if they're outdoors. But the American Heart Foundation has congratulated Beverly Hills for protecting diners from second-hand smoke. The council says it plans to look at the impact of the new law after three months.

In 1998 California became the first US state to introduce a complete smoking ban inside public buildings.

Peter Bowes, BBC News, Los Angeles

Listen to the words

the patio
the area outside a house or building where people can sit

made to be against the law, not allowed to be done

smoke-free areas
places where people aren't allowed to smoke


people who think that something is a bad idea

force or encourage

to light up
to start smoking a cigarette


second-hand smoke
the smoke and chemicals that non-smokers breath when other people smoke cigarettes

the impact
the effect

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