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Grandson Of Tobacco Giant Favors Amendment 3

POSTED: 1:50 pm CDT October 18, 2006

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The grandson of tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds said he hopes Missouri becomes a smoke-free state.

Patrick Reynolds, who is an anti-smoking advocate, was in Kansas City Tuesday campaigning for a proposed 80-cent increase in the Missouri cigarette tax. It is Amendment 3 on November's ballot.

Reynolds said it is a big tax increase because the state's current cigarette tax is low. "Let's try to think out of the box for a change. All tax increases are bad. Well, not all are. This is a good tax increase because if you don't smoke, you don't pay," Reynolds said.

Reynolds said he got rid of the family stock years ago, and admits that his anti-smoking work causes tension in the family.