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"Attendance was outstanding, and the media coverage -- T.V., radio, and newspapers -- was terrific!"

Julie Patzwald
California State University


"Thank you for the magnificent presentation you made at our launch meeting for our nicotine patch, Habitrol. Your unique perspective, coupled with honest and forthright communications skills, touched the hearts of the 1500 folk present. The standing ovation midway through said it all."

Joe Zack
Ciba Geigy Pharmaceuticals


"A superb and timely program, enthusiastically received, with a house filled to overflowing, and excellent T.V., radio and newspaper coverage!"

John Groves
Augusta College

"Not only did you give us a successful event, but you gave a great boost to our public image. The TV media strongly covered your visit, and so you have had Mississippi College's name before the public a great deal. The print media also gave us a lot of ink, with a front section-page feature story which took up three quarters of the page! I cannot imagine what all that would have cost us, if it were even buyable."

Tom Washburn
Mississippi College

"An extremely powerful lecture which drew a large crowd and a front page story. He was personable, knowledgeable, and professional, and attracted people from all sections of the community."

Jarrod Harrison
Modesto College


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