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Cost • Additional talk at a high school • Passing local laws

    COST Hospital community relations directors will often fully sponsor the cost. The fee for a talk to adults is $3950, plus travel expenses from Los Angeles. Call a local hospital, and point out that this would be an excellent community event. Mention that Mr. Reynolds will get local media coverage, which will build goodwill for their hospital in the local community. For ideas on who to call locally, and talking points, visit

   ADDITIONAL TALKS AT MIDDLE / HIGH SCHOOLS Mr. Reynolds can also speak at a middle or high school. Local County Health Departments will often sponsor the additional $1500 fee ($3000 for two schools). They often have tobacco education funds from the settlement of the States’ lawsuits. They may even decide to have Mr. Reynolds remain in the area for several days, to speak at more middle and high schools. For who to call and talking points, see

   CONCEPT TO COMBINE THIS LECTURE WITH A STUDENT CELEBRATION Because it's important to attract student attendance, and because a recurring theme in this lecture is initiation, promotional posters could also request that students wear only black or white or red to the talk. Posters may also invite students to an informal reception, or even a celebration of life party, immediately following his talk. Additional copies of this brochure are available for use as mini-posters; a notes section leaves room to add these elements.

•    NOT JUST A LECTURE ABOUT TOBACCO With its added themes of initiation, speaking from the heart and faith in the future, INITIATION: An evening with Patrick Reynolds will attract strong student attendance. It's much more than a lecture about tobacco!

Contact: Lupe Lopez
(800) 541-7741
Fax (310)471-0335

Click here for more detailed information about this lecture.

Preview video and audio clips from his live talk for high schools

   HELPING PASS LOCAL LAWS Mr. Reynolds will also be pleased to volunteer to work with Statewide Smoke Free coalitions, pending approval by the sponsoring groups. He can issue joint press releases with these groups, advocating pending legislation. To learn who the Statewide group is, call the American Cancer Society in your State capitol, and ask for the Executive Director.


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Cost • Additional talk at a high school • Passing local laws

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