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RE: Inviting Patrick Reynolds to speak at local
middle and high schools about tobacco -- an event
that will build great community goodwill for sponsors!

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Dear Friend,

What follows is a unique proposal on how you can build tremendous goodwill for your group, and make a real difference in your community. It's also a great grant proposal idea for non-profits fighting tobacco use.

Patrick Reynolds is a grandson of the tobacco company founder, R.J. Reynolds, but the family's brands killed his father and eldest brother. So Patrick turned his back on the cigarette industry and became a well known advocate for a smokefree society. His speeches before Congress and State Legislatures, his appearances on TV and radio, and his live talks to youth have made him a nationally known figure in the battle for a tobaccofree America.

County health department tobacco control officers, as well as hospital community relations directors, will often cosponsor his live talks. Inviting Mr. Reynolds to speak before local middle and high schools, educating youth about tobacco, will generate a wealth of goodwill for them. Sponsors such as hospitals will build a bridge of goodwill to their community, and local press coverage of his appearance, if desired, will, more importantly, bring the tobaccofree message to the entire city.

This top speaker combines tobacco education and motivational speaking. He also briefly broadens his message to include drugs, alcohol, ethics, positive thinking, and more -- because all these serve the talk's primary goal.

Ask local health groups, such as the American Cancer Society, or American Lung or Heart Associations, for the number of your local coalition fighting tobacco. Tobaccofree coalitions are also often willing to cosponsor, and otherwise support his visit.

Local organizations have sometimes turned Mr. Reynolds’ appearance into a large event, by arranging for a civic auditorium, and donating buses to bring as many as two or three thousand students to hear him speak. This makes for a dramatic and spectacular occasion. At such large events, he has been introduced by invited Governors, mayors or their spouses.

Other sponsors are pleased to simply have him speak in local schools, at special assembly programs. A speaking tour of several days is also possible. Media coverage is consistently positive and strong.

Patrick Reynolds has been called powerful and inspirational, and his talk makes a lasting impression on students. The complete information package on his live talks to youth follows this letter. I hope you will email or mail it to others who may wish to join you in cosponsoring this speaker. A new video of his live talk is available as well; information about it may be found at our web page, www.tobaccofree.org/infopack.htm.

The full text of his live talk may be viewed or printed out from our web page, www.tobaccofree.org/children.htm.

Video or audio clips are posted at www.tobaccofree.org/clips.htm. And a complete list of references and quotes from past clients is posted at www.tobaccofree.org/clients.htm.

A live appearance by Patrick Reynolds will have a real impact on the lives of the youth Mr. Reynolds speaks to. Call me to discuss having him speak or tour in your community. Working together, we will make a difference in many lives.

Very truly yours,


Bookings Manager

(310) 577-9828


Initiate a community event, build goodwill --
and help keep kids tobaccofree

Patrick Reynolds, the well known tobaccofree advocate, will come to speak to youth in your city. He's a grandson of the tobacco company founder R.J. Reynolds, but the family's brands, Camel and Winston, killed his father and eldest brother. In 1986, concerned about the mounting health evidence against tobacco, he became the first tobacco industry figure to turn his back on the cigarette industry. Today Mr. Reynolds is one of the nation's best known tobacco prevention speakers and a leading tobaccofree advocate. This nationally known figure's talk to youth will build excellent goodwill for sponsors, and carry the tobaccofree message to your entire city.


Build a bridge to your community with

A live talk by Patrick Reynolds
for 7th to 12th grade

The Truth About Tobacco

A powerful presentation which helps empower youth to stay tobacco free,
combining motivational speaking with tobacco education,
for a truly unique assembly program.


Opens students' eyes to the truth about tobacco company advertising

Creates a new perception of smoking by stars in TV and films

Helps motivate teens to resist peer pressure to smoke

Empowers students to make more responsible choices about drugs and alcohol

Contains a unique initiation ceremony, rooted in ancient traditions. Its core message is, "Most adults know that at times, life brings some pain. When the tough moments come, don't escape by using tobacco, drugs, alcohol, food, music, or work, like so many do. Instead, stay with the problem, talk to others about it, and take steps to solve it… You can do it!"

Includes motivation on making ethical choices, values, positive thinking, saying no, and the need to talk about problems, and not isolate.

Counters a new trend of pessimism among teens, by closing with an inspirational message of hope for the future. This will help motivate students to "hold on to your health, for the incredible and wondrous journey in the years ahead!"

 Fully illustrated with overheads and true stories.

The complete text of Patrick Reynolds' live talk / new video may be found at www.tobaccofree.org/children.htm



A live assembly program for 7th to 12th grade

The Truth About Tobacco

Preview video and audio clips
Past clients' quotes and references

A personal story -- and nicotine's addictiveness

Mr. Reynolds opens his talk with a moving story about his own father's death from smoking, when Patrick was 15. It captivates youthful audiences. He then goes on to impress on students how extremely addictive nicotine is.

If cigarette advertising told the truth

Mr. Reynolds shows these overheads in the live talk and new video. Art by Adbusters

Mr. Reynolds shows the above and below overheads in both his live presentations, and in the new video of The Truth About Tobacco. He opens students' eyes to the truth about tobacco ad campaigns which have targeted them. He uses humorous spoofs of cigarette ads, such as Joe Camel above, dying from cancer in a hospital bed. About the Malboro Country ad just above, he points out, "These smokers are gathered outside, because they aren't welcome inside the building. Today, being a nonsmoker is the norm. If you smoke, you're often not welcome around others."

Chewing tobacco

Sean Marsee at age 17

Sean Marsee at age 19, just prior to his death

Mr. Reynolds shows these overheads, as he tells Sean Marsee's story.

In a powerful section on chewing tobacco, he shows heartbreaking before-and-after photos of Sean Marsee, who died at age 19 from chewing tobacco -- disfigured, sad and in pain. Telling Sean's sad story is perhaps the most memorable part of the presentation, and it captivates high school and middle school audiences.

Mr. Reynolds goes on to reveal that the only reason self-service displays of tobacco have been placed on countertops everywhere is because the tobacco companies pay each store a monthly fee for every display of tobacco.

The truth is that just a few years ago, almost no one was using chewing tobacco. But many thousands of kids were deceived, and concluded the stores put the displays on counters because the product was really popular and selling well. Seeing these displays daily for years, right on the counter at child eye level, eventually got their curiosity up. Many tried it and then got hooked, like Sean.

Smoking in movies and TV

Pierce Brosnan, since posing for this Lark ad which ran in Japan, has shown tremendous leadership in the Hollywood community, by forswearing smoking as James Bond. He delivered on his promise, and has now set a good example for other stars.

Charlie Sheen's ad also ran in Japan.

"I would not advocate censoring the movies," says, Mr. Reynolds, "but I will deliver a dose of healthy shame to Hollywood stars who have smoked in films." He names several stars who have irresponsibly glamorized smoking on screen, and creates a new perception of the stars who make smoking look cool to kids.


Both the live assembly program and video revive the ancient, nearly lost tradition of initiating teens into adulthood. "The core message of my brief initiation today," Mr. Reynolds says, "is this: first, to gently open your eyes to the reality that there's bad in the world -- like tobacco advertising. Just because it's there, doesn't make it OK. Be empowered and know the truth about these ads.

"Second, most adults know that at times, life brings some painful moments and obstacles. It's designed to be that way, because it's by our struggles to succeed against adversity that we build our character and define who we are. It's by staying with whatever difficulty life throws at us that we heal, and solve, our problems — not by running away.

"But many adults will often escape their pain with cigarettes, food, alcohol, drugs, TV, or even work. A lot of teens use music. So the second message of this initiation is when problems arise, don't alter you mood by running away to these. Instead, stay with your problem, think about it, talk to others about it -- a trusted teacher, your parents, the school counselor, your friends. Talk, and take steps to solve the problem. You can do it! Do the work — don't take the easy path. Only a baby gets instant whatever it wants whenever it wants it. Adults have to delay, and wait for gratification. You're initiated now -- welcome to the world. You can do it!"

Inspiring faith in the future: a new way
to reduce smoking and drug use

Mr. Reynolds concludes his live talk and video with an impactful message designed to inspire the young to have more faith in the future. New studies show that large numbers of today’s teens suffer from intense anxiety about their future, and frequently have a keen sense of diminished expectations. He concluded that in the face of an uncertain tomorrow, many teens may be inclined to take increased risks.
Many teens may indeed be thinking, "There's no future for me, so I may as well have fun now!" Between 1988 and 1998, there was a 73% increase in teen smoking (it has declined just slightly since 1998).

To counteract this troubling trend, Mr. Reynolds closes his talk with a powerful and inspirational message of hope for the future. If teens have a stronger outlook, he reasons, they will be more motivated to take care of their health. He concludes by sharing his own "rock-solid faith that the future holds wonderful things!" He rallies the audience to stay tobacco-free, drug-free and alcohol-free, and points out that, "You are going to need your health in the great and amazing times ahead! Don't throw your life away on cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. Be a citizen of the 21st century, not the 20th! The tobaccofree society is coming! Hold on to your health -- for the incredible, wondrous years before us!"


Finding a Sponsor

Live talks and assembly programs have often recieved immediate sponsorship by County Health Departments, local tobaccofree coalitions, and Community Relations Directors of local hospitals (see our Cosponsor Suggestions below).

Some sponsors have collaborated with local Health Departments or branches of the American Cancer Society or Lung Association. They will often volunteer their assistance to sponsors by contacting schools, helping to schedule his appearances, inviting the local press, or even busing in as many as 2,000 children to hear Mr. Reynolds in a local civic auditorium. This makes for a dramatic and spectacular event, at which he has sometimes been introduced by invited governors, mayors or their spouses.

Other sponsors are pleased to simply have Patrick speak at one or more local schools, at student assemblies.
Patrick Reynolds combines tobacco education with motivational speaking, and he has been called inspirational and motivating. His dynamic talk makes a memorable impression. Media coverage of it has been consistently positive, and helps sponsors such as hospitals build a valuable bridge to their local community.  

Print out and mail -- or email -- this page to potential co-sponsors you contact, or give them this web address: www.tobaccofree.org/infopack, and our phone number, (310) 577-9828. Thanks for your support!

Patrick Reynolds Photo

Patrick Reynolds' appearances in the national media and before Congress have made this grandson of tobacco company magnate R.J. Reynolds an internationally known and respected advocate for a smokefree society.
Mr. Reynolds saw his father, oldest brother, and other relatives die from cigarette induced emphysema and lung cancer. Concerned about the mounting health evidence against tobacco, in 1986 he turned his back on his family's tobacco business and became, in the words of former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, "one of the nation's most influential advocates of a smokefree America." His book, THE GILDED LEAF, published by Little, Brown in 1989, was a bestseller, and he founded The Foundation for a Smokefree America the same year.
A dynamic speaker, Mr. Reynolds entertains, educates and motivates audiences. Patrick Reynolds has addressed Congress, State legislatures, major corporations, associations, health conferences, universities, and high and elementary schools.
Patrick Reynolds' appearances in the international press include profiles by Time, Newsweek, AP, UPI, NBC's Tom Brokaw, CBS' Dan Rather, ABC World News, CNN Headline News, and numerous features by the world's major dailies. He has also made memorable TV appearances on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Larry King, ABC's Nightline, Phil Donahue, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, and numerous other national and international television and radio shows.  


Also see Patrick Reynolds' bio, www.tobaccofree.org/bio.htm.
It may be found at end of this document.


What Past Clients Say

Middle and High Schools
Hospitals · Colleges · Conferences
Pharmaceutical Companies · Past Clients
Recent news coverage · Media Testimonials

Middle and High Schools

Within the first five minutes, I was amazed to watch Patrick Reynolds create an extrodinary bond with our school's culturally diverse and economically underpriveleged teens.

After his opening story about his own father's absence, and the sadness and anger he felt as a youth because of it, he asked the students, "How many of you do not have your biological fathers living at home with you?"

When over 50% of the audience slowly raised their hands, our students seemed to realize that these shared emotions cross all economic and social borders -- and a bond was formed.

After that, the students listened quietly and respectfully, and I could see real interest in their faces, as they related to his overheads and the moving stories he told, so very effectively and skillfully.

Given my experience with our student body at assembly programs, it was an amazing achievement.

Mr. Reynolds is a very polished and motivating speaker. He relates exceptionally well to teens from all backgrounds. I would highly reccomend him to other schools.


Hali Rosen, Drama Teacher
Hawthorne High School
Hawhorne, CA
May, 2002


Patrick Reynolds speaks from his heart and his past when he unfolds his family story about tobacco. He is a dramatic and sincere advocate for children's well being when he speaks out about the physical, emotional, and social toll that tobacco charges its victims. His two presentations before hundreds of middle and high school youth in Greenville, SC, were dynamic, thought-provoking, and touching. His commentary shattered the allure and mystic of tobacco for many of our students as they verbalized their wishes for family members to stop smoking. In evaluations, several students mentioned that they were going to stop smoking--or glad that they had--because of Mr. Reynolds' presentation. He helped to get our message out to students: "Tobacco kills."


Dr. Susan Achilles
Director of Federal Programs
The School District of Greenville County
Greenville, SC
November, 2002



Patrick Reynolds spoke at a Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Arkansas regional youth meeting on April 15th, 2002 at the Nettleton High School in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Mr. Reynolds is a dynamic speaker, and not only does he have an intriguing personal testimony, but he has an admirable drive for tobacco prevention. Also, his overhead projections were effective in telling his story. For example, the before and after photos of Sean Marsee, the track star who died at 19 from spit tobacco, combined with Mr. Reynolds telling his story in a particularly moving way, captivated and moved the audience. In addition, the Teachers Class Discussion Guide his office provided teachers with an excellent guide for follow-up class discussion.

A very positive article in the Jonesboro Sun, and coverage by local KAIT Channel 8 news brought the tobacco free message to the wider Jonesboro community. Mr. Reynolds' inspiring message of hope for the future near the end of his talk, and his conclusion, "So hold on to your health for the amazing, wondrous years ahead of you in the 21st Century!" may have indeed helped to motivate many of the students to stay healthy.

We were pleased with Patrick Reynolds' skills as a speaker and have invited him back, to speak at our statewide Teen Summit on October 23rd at the Alltel Arena in North Little Rock.


Jill Presley Cox
Youth Coordinator
Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Arkansas
Little Rock, AR
May, 2002



The evaluations on his program were great! The kids gained much in the way of information and emotional connection. He recently spoke at our teen summit at Cal Poly Pomona, to over 150 students from several high schools. The students found him to be dynamic, interesting, and almost all indicated in their evaluations that Mr. Reynolds had impacted their lives and influenced their choices not to smoke.



Nancy Ballantine
Rowland Unified School District
Rowland Heights, CA
May, 2002

"Many students who enroll at Somerset are considered 'at risk' of failure, for various reasons, and many do not have the luxury of parental advice and support. Working at Somerset as long as I have, I rarely have seen the kind of student attention given to the advice Patrick Reynolds gave to them today. I know that his words changed, or at least, softened the hearts of our students."


Ruben Presiado, Assistant Principal
Somerset High School
Bellflower, CA

June, 2002

"Somerset High School had the opportunity to hear Patrick Reynolds' awesome speech, 'The Truth About Tobacco.' Our students are at risk individuals, and the response to his presentation made a great impact on many of them. A discussion was held in class following his presentation. The students explained that more teens need to be made aware of the effects of smoking. The pictures and story of Sean Marsee seemed to have made an incredible effect on several individuals. Bravo Mr. Reynolds, for all your efforts. How many lives would have been spared if the truth was made known much sooner. The speech was wonderful."


Elaine Manneh
Somerset High School
Bellflower, CA

June, 2002

"Nice job at Mayfair High School today! The kids seemed really engaged."


Debby Caldarella
Office of the Superintendent
Bellflower School District
Bellflower, CA
June, 2002

Patrick Reynolds' presentation was extremely informative and interesting. The students found him very entertaining as well. Patrick has a way of relating to the teenagers and involving them in his presentation. His message was of great importance, and I think had a very good influence on the students. I would highly recommend Patrick for any group, any age level, to speak on tobacco addiction.


Carroll Thetford, Principal
Nettleton High School
Nettleton, AR
April, 2002

Mr. Reynolds is an energetic and enthusiastic speaker. His dynamic presentation style captivated our audience of intermediate level elementary students.

His real-life example of a young person who chose to chew showed the students specifically what can happen to young, healthy people when they use tobacco.

Mr. Reynolds told the sad, impactful story of how a promising young athlete, [Sean Marsee] was destroyed as a result of his tobacco use. The before and after photos of this boy were very effective in showing his transformation from a youngster with perfect health, to a grotesque, disfigured and sad young man after surgery. This drove the point home. The visuals used were very effective.

Another effective part of the presentation was the time devoted to advertising for tobacco products. Mr. Reynolds made it abundantly clear to the children that advertising of cigarettes has been aimed at children to recruit them as new smokers -- if not today or tomorrow, in the next few years. Joe Camel and Marlboro Country were used as excellent examples to make this point.

The interactive style that Mr. Reynolds used encouraged the children to be involved, through the raising of hands and asking of questions. Students were given strategies for dealing with smoking by friends and parents/adults.

Mr. Reynolds also shared a wonderful, uplifting vision of the world that everything will work out, and that the youth in the audience are the voice of the future. He emphasized that students will have many good years ahead of them, and that they should not smoke or use drugs, because they will need their good health "in the wondrous and amazing years ahead." This is an excellent reason for youth to stay smoke and drug free, and no one has made that point here before. It was inspiring to all of us.

Mr. Reynolds got two thumbs up from the teachers and staff at our school.


Mr. Mike Coulahan, Principal
Monroe Center Grade School
Monroe Center, IL 61052
April, 2002


I want to thank you again for speaking today to Neenah's students about tobacco and its harmful effects. Your enthusiasm and passion about the topic were helpful in captivating our students' attention. Maintaining the attention of over 500 sixth graders from Neenah's two middle schools, as well as the students visiting from one of Neenah's private schools, is not an easy task, but I feel you accomplished this with a great deal of success.

It was evident in the students' questions at the end of your speech that they were quite interested in what you had to share with them. I believe you made them think about their own use (or non-use), their friends' use, and their parents' use of tobacco, as well as ways to influence, or say no, to others.

After seeing you speak today and the positive approach you used with our students, I would not hesitate to recommend you to other schools. Thank you for caring about kids.


Mary M. Lofy, Assistant Principal
Shattuck Middle School
Neenah Joint School District
Neehah, WI
April, 2002


On November 2, 2001, Patrick Reynolds spoke to a group of about 2,000 students from Wausau West High School and Nothland Lutheran High School in the Wausau West Fieldhouse. His presentation was a factual testimony about how the tobacco industry entices young people to start smoking, and the debilitating effects smoking or chewing tobacco can have on the human body. Based on how attentive the students were during his presentation, I would say his program was extremely effective.

I would highly recommend that any school or other organization working with youth strongly consider having him give his presentation to their students. His message had an impact on our students, and his presentation style was extremely effective in holding students' interest and attention. The terrible effects of smoking or chewing are well documented from a scientific standpoint are well documented, but getting students to listen and act on that information is extremely difficult.

He definitely provided our students with the facts in a way that will cause some of them to never take up the use of tobacco. If he ever needs a reference from a school administrator on the effectiveness of his program, I would be more than happy to write a reference letter.


Paul Brusky, Principal
Wausau West High School
Wausau, WI
November, 2001

Patrick Reynolds just completed his presentation at Wausau East High School. He presented to approximately 1200 students in an all school assembly. His presentation was outstanding. In addition to his important, lifesaving message, Mr. Reynolds' visual aides and his dynamic, emotional, and personal speaking style was captivating. For one solid hour, you could have heard a pin drop in our auditorium. Numerous staff and students stopped me after the presentation to compliment his message and delivery style. As principal, I highly recommend Mr. Patrick Reynolds to any high school in the state of Wisconsin. He is truly an outstanding speaker.


Bradley J. Peck, Principal
Wausau East High School
Wausau, WI
November, 2001

As the grandson of the founder of the R. J. Reynolds tobacco conglomerate, Patrick Reynolds brings a unique perspective to his anti-tobacco message. As he spoke to our students recently, his passion for healthy living was obvious. Because of these factors, his plea to youth to abstain from tobacco use is particularly meaningful. Students listen to his personal story of the confusion he felt as a youth upon the tobacco-influenced death of the father he barely knew. Speaking from such an acute experience lends credence to Patrick Reynolds's message.


Randall C. Nichols
Superintendent Clarksville Community School District
Clarksville, IA
October, 2001

On Thursday, November 8, 2001, Patrick Reynolds presented "The Truth About Tobacco" to over 1,000 students in grades 6 through 8, at the James Williams Junior High School in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Today I had the opportunity ask students and staff their thoughts on Pat's presentation. The responses were extremely positive. Pat had several important messages for young people. He was able to keep their attention during the 35 minute presentation. His slides, enthusiasm and personal experiences helped to open their eyes and possibly change the direction many young people are choosing. We would recommend Patrick Reynolds to present in any similar type of situation. Thank you Patrick Reynolds... you're doing the right thing!


Mr. Dave Wall, Principal
James Williams Junior High School
Rhinelander, WI
November, 2001


Front page, Daily Telegram, Superior, WI
November 14, 2001

RJ Reynolds' grandson speaks at Central
about the evils of smoking

"The message Patrick Reynolds gave to to students at Central Middle School Tuesday was crystal clear... He proceded to tell them the truth about tobacco -- its addictiveness, its dangers and its poisons -- with stories, humor, and heart-rending pictures. Some students cried. Others winced. All learned.

"In a little over an hour, Reynolds went from being just another anti-tobacco speaker to something special."

Additional recent news clippings


Patrick Reynolds was a guest speaker at my school district on Tuesday, November 6, 2001. Students in grades 6-12 attended the presentation. Mr. Reynolds held the students attention for the 1hr. 10 min. program... He kept everyone's interest... I would recommend his presentation for all school age students. Thanks.


Jim Hansen, Principal
Laona School District
Laona, WI
November, 2001


Mr. Patrick Reynolds gave an inspirational and sincere presentation to the Park Falls School students and staff on being tobacco-free. We greatly appreciated his efforts, message, humor, professionalism, and the 'down to earth' approach he personally exhibited.


Dennis F. Dervetski, Principal
Park Falls High School
Park Falls WI
November, 2001



"Patrick Reynolds is very effective in driving home the message to our medical professionals, the importance -- and logic -- in tobacco education and prevention for our youth. His message is powerful and passionate. He connects with youth, removing the smoke screen, and tells them to the truth about tobacco products."


Carol Reeves, Director
Greenville Family Partnership
Greenville, SC

"What terrific media coverage! Patrick Reynolds was a dynamic speaker, and was invaluable in helping us reach our goal of promoting healthy lifestyle choices in our community. We want to have him back."

Kathy Busch
St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center
Topeka, KS

"We got an excellent front page story and terrific TV coverage. His presentations were beyond my expectations. I am extremely pleased!"
Jeff Barber, President & CEO
North Mississippi Health Services
Tupelo, MS

"Mr. Reynolds' presentations made a strong impact in the lives of thousands of children in Whitfield County. He really made a big difference in our community."
Larry McNeilly, Vice President
Hamilton Health Care System
Dalton, Georgia

"Outstanding! UC students, faculty, staff and community members were unanimous in their praise of his excellent talk."
Marilyn Mendenhall
University of California at Irvine

"A superb and timely program, enthusiastically received, with a house filled to overflowing, and excellent T.V., radio and newspaper coverage!"
John Groves
Augusta College

"Not only did you give us a successful event, but you gave a great boost to our public image. The TV media strongly covered your visit, and so you have had Mississippi College's name before the public a great deal. The print media also gave us a lot of ink, with a front section-page feature story which took up three quarters of the page! I cannot imagine what all that would have cost us, if it were even buyable!"
Tom Washburn
Mississippi College

"An extremely powerful lecture which drew a large crowd and a front page story. He was personable, knowledgeable, and professional, and attracted people from all sections of the community."
Jarrod Harrison
Modesto College

"Attendance was outstanding, and the media coverage -- TV, radio, and newspapers -- was terrific!"
Julie Patzwald
California State University

Health conferences

"It was just amazing to watch the faces in the audience as you spoke. You were really awe inspiring. This was the best conference the Alliance for Health Promotion ever sponsored, due in great part to the fact that you were one of the speakers."
Carrie Van Dyke
Indiana State Board of Health

"Our conference was a huge success, in large part due to your participation. You were highly motivating; all left the conference with renewed strength. And what successful media coverage! We had several TV stations, radio stations, and the state's largest newspaper. To say the least, I am very pleased."
Neil Hann
The Oklahoma Dept. of Health

"The Kickoff was a great success as evidenced by the media coverage (TV, radio, newspaper) that participated. Your presentation was the highlight of the afternoon's agenda, and you were definitely the person who drew the media coverage."
Tom Uram
County of Orange

Pharmaceutical Companies
"Thank you for the magnificent presentation you made at our launch meeting for our nicotine patch, Habitrol. Your unique perspective, coupled with honest and forthright communications skills, touched the hearts of the 1500 folk present. The standing ovation midway through said it all."
Joe Zack, Ciba Geigy Pharmaceuticals

"Your presentation went over very well. People remember concepts when emotional pictures are created and linked together to illustrate a point. This is what you do so well. When people are moved emotionally, they will remember, and they will take action. The audience loved this emotional link, as I did, with a splash of humor thrown in here and there. Nice touch. I was also impressed with your knowledge and delivery. Your presentation was sincere and heartfelt, as well as humorous and informative. For these reasons, it was most enjoyable. I will be talking to our marketing and public relations departments regarding your talk. Thank you again for a wonderful presentation."
Kim Aumais
Hoechst, Marion, Roussel Pharmaceuticals

Students: Print out this page and hand it to your health teacher. "The Truth About Tobacco" is a new anti-smoking educational video for effective teen tobacco education and prevention. The Truth About Tobacco

A new educational video of Patrick Reynolds'
live assembly program for grades 7-12

A bestseller -- 9,000 copies purchased by schools

An educational video of Patrick Reynolds' live talk The Truth About Tobacco was released in Spring, 2000. Fully illustrated with award-winning anti-smoking TV spots, live action clips, photos and graphics, it became a bestseller, and has been purchased by 2,500 schools and health departments.

The complete information, including prices, may be viewed or printed out at www.tobaccofree.org/video.htm.


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Mr. Reynolds renews students' faith in the future, as a way to motivate youth to stay tobaccofree and drugfree.

There was a huge 73% upsurge in teen smoking from 1988 to 1998. Since 1998, there has been a slight drop. A recent CDC study suggests that tobacco ads like Joe Camel, who debuted in 1988, and the Marlboro Man, fueled the upsurge of teen smoking. To counter this, Mr. Reynolds discusses tobacco advertising, tells moving stories and shows hilarious overheads. He educates students to resist the influence of stars who smoke in films and TV, and lists several actors who have frequently smoked on screen.
He believes a new pessimism among youth has helped fuel the rise of teen smoking. Patrick Reynolds was first to point to new market research by Coca-Cola, which showed that great numbers of young people today suffer from "an acute sense of diminished expectations." Believing they face bleak prospects, says Mr. Reynolds, many teens want to have fun, before an uncertain future arrives. He believes this attitude has contributed to the dramatic recent increase in the teen smoking rate, to drug use and to the recent rise of binge drinking on college campuses.
To address this problem, he devotes a section of his live talk and new video to motivating youth to believe more strongly in the future. He achieves this by teaching students to talk about their feelings, to think more positively, and to also reevaluate what real wealth is. He questions whether wealth is only about material things, and shares his own strong spiritual faith that the 21st century will be a truly extraordinary time. He concludes by sharing his own "rock-solid faith that the future holds wonderful things!" He rallies the audience to stay tobacco-free, drug-free and alcohol-free, and points out that, "You are going to need your health in the great and amazing times ahead -- so don't throw your life away on cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. Be a citizen of the 21st century, not the 20th. The tobaccofree society is coming. Hold on to your health -- for the incredible, wondrous years before us!"
  An initiation into life The talk also contains a unique initiation whose core message is, "Most adults accept that life brings some pain. When your tough moments come, don't escape by using tobacco, drugs, food, music, or alcohol -- stay with the problem, talk to others, and solve it… You can do it!"
 The talk also includes asides on making ethical choices, values, positive thinking, saying no, and the need to talk about problems, and not isolate.
The complete text of Patrick Reynolds' live talk / new video may be found at www.tobaccofree.org/children.htm


Past Clients

The United Nations World Health Organization, Geneva

The United States House of Representatives

The American Cancer Society

The American Heart Association

The American Lung Association

Marion, Merrell, Dow Pharmaceuticals

Ciba Geigy Pharmaceuticals

Lederle Pharmaceuticals

Numerous Universities and Colleges

Numerous high schools and middle schools

The American Council on Science and Health

The National Cancer Institute

The California Medical Association

The National Foundation for Cancer Research

The American Respiratory Association

Numerous State Legislatures

Numerous City Councils, including New York City,
San Francisco, Los Angeles & Washington DC

Sponsors benefit from the goodwill generated by
Patrick Reynolds' appearances.




Local hospital Community Relations or Marketing Directors often sponsor Mr. Reynolds' middle and high school assembly program, as a community goodwill builder and outreach. Some have chosen to turn Mr. Reynolds' appearance into a major event by bussing in two to three thousand children to hear him speak. Hospitals invite local newsmedia, and can benefit by the goodwill generated by sponsoring his talk at local schools. They often want him to give a community talk as well.

County health departments can sometimes immediately sponsor all or part of the cost. Call your county health department, and propose our program to the tobacco control officer there.

A third funding possibility is your local tobaccofree coalition. The American Cancer Society, Lung Association, or Heart Association branch in your city can give you their phone number. Local tobaccofree coalitions are frequent contributors.

The Student Activities Director at local colleges may also sponsor a college campus talk, or provide a venue for a community talk. Colleges usually have a budget for guest speakers; call the Student Activities Director.

In developing future tobacco prevention grant proposals, live speakers are an excellent idea. Since the tobacco lawsuits' settlement agreement with Big Tobacco, several States have now allocated a portion of the total $246 billion settlement to tobacco education. If the local county health department can not help you, then call tobacco control officer in your State capitol's Department of Health. They will know what funding is available.

When approaching sponsors, always give them our website and number. Additional cosponsor suggestions may be found at our website page, www.tobaccofree.org/cospon.htm.

See the talking points below.

Cost of live talks




What the Media Say

"Reynolds' knowledge and insights made it easier for our audience to understand complex issues."
      CNN, Gail Evans

"He was an articulate and formidable guest."
      Good Morning America,
      Susan Hester

"Patrick is informative, unique, dedicated, and effective."
      ABC Talk Radio,
      Michael Jackson

Thank you for your encore appearance on Larry King Live! It was terrific!"
      Larry King Live,
      Larry King

"More than 700 members of the American Cancer Society stood and cheered!"
      The Miami Herald,
      Don Van Natta




Past Media Interviews

  • Time  
  • Newsweek  
  • Tom Brokaw: NBC Nightly News  
  • ABC World News  
  • CBS Evening News with Dan Rather  
  • CNN Headline News  
  • The Today Show  
  • Good Morning America  
  • Oprah Winfrey Show  
  • Phil Donahue Show  
  • The Yolanda Show  
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    Sponsor a Great Talk for Youth

    This seasoned speaker will help build a bridge between you and your community. It's a great — and rare — opportunity to make a real difference in many lives where you live.
    Past clients who have sponsored such tours have received extremely positive and plentiful media coverage. Pittsburgh State University's Scott Ewing said, "A blockbuster program! The media coverage — newspapers, radio and three T.V. news crews — gave us a real boost."
    Take this goodwill-building concept to its fullest potential. A wider tour of middle and high schools — at the national or even international level — would bring his message to many thousands of children and teens.
    You can build a wealth of goodwill in your community by sponsoring Patrick Reynolds on a speaking tour to youth!




    Patrick Reynolds

    See also press materials for FAQ's in Q&A form, photos, and more

    Patrick Reynolds was the first tobacco industry figure to turn his back on the cigarette companies. He first spoke out publicly in 1986 at a Congressional hearing, in favor of a ban on all cigarette advertising. Former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop commented, "Patrick Reynolds is one of the nation's most influential advocates of a smokefree America. His testimony is invaluable to our society." Mr. Reynolds testified again in Congress in 1987, joining many advocates who helped bring about the present smoking ban on all US domestic flights.

    Mr. Reynolds saw his father, oldest brother, and other relatives die from cigarette induced emphysema and lung cancer. Concerned about the mounting health evidence, he made the decision to go against his family's former tobacco business.

    Since then, his advocacy work, motivational talks to youth and appearances in the national press have made this grandson of tobacco company founder R.J. Reynolds a nationally known and respected champion of a smokefree society. In numerous media interviews, he has helped remind millions of people of the dangers of smoking.

    After starting his campaign, Mr. Reynolds spoke before dozens of State and municipal legislatures in support of proposed smoking ordinances which became law. He also campaigned for numerous State cigarette tax increases and vending machine bans, and has approached several members of the US Congress about the aggressive advertising of US brands in the Third World and Asia. In 2000 and 2001, he advocated spending a greater share of the $240 billion tobacco settlement on teen tobacco prevention and education.

    Patrick Reynolds' motivational talk for youth has been seen by thousands of high school and middle school students. He is also a popular keynote speaker, and a frequent guest lecturer on university campuses. In April, 2000, Tobaccofree.Org released The Truth About Tobacco, a video of a live talk before an assembly of 1,000 ninth graders. Illustrated with award-winning TV spots, film clips and anti-smoking graphics, it sends an empowering message to youth about cigarette advertising, smoking in films, and the addictiveness of nicotine. The video also presents Mr. Reynolds' unique initiation for teens, and an inspirational message of hope for the future.

    In 1989, Little, Brown published a colorful family history he co-authored, The Gilded Leaf, which spans three generations of the RJ Reynolds family. In the same year in Los Angeles, he founded The Foundation for a Smokefree America, a nonprofit, charitable organization whose mission is to help bring about a smokefree society. In 1988 the UN's World Health Organization honored him with a special award. In 1989, Chicago's Mt. Sinai Hospital awarded him its Humanitarian of the Year award.

    SC Legislature Press Conference, 1988


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    Dear Friend,

    Before we part company, a final note. Patrick Reynolds' work educating youth about smoking has had powerful impact. The media coverage of his talks before universities, elementary and high schools, major corporations, and medical forums has made him a nationally known and respected American figure. Here is a man who has made a difference with his life.

    Patrick opens his talk with his memories of his father R.J. Reynolds, Jr.'s death from emphysema caused by smoking, when Patrick was just 15. He reaches audiences emotionally. So many past clients have called Mr. Reynolds an exceptional and powerful speaker. He loves his work and cares deeply about the cause.

    Mr. Reynolds' talk to children generally runs for a school period — about 50 minutes — an it also includes a Q & A session, which captivates middle school audiences.

    Past clients have repeatedly commented on the exceptional media coverage of Mr. Reynolds' talks. This will bring the message to your entire community. Teachers remark on his power as a speaker.

    If you would like more information, please call me at (310) 577-9828 (we're in Los Angeles). I would be pleased to speak with you.

    Patrick Reynolds cares deeply about tobacco use, and the grief it brings to families. By educating our young early about tobacco, you will help save lives, by stopping many from starting and motivating others to quit.

    I personally believe in the work Patrick Reynolds is doing, and know that through his voice we can reach many people with an important message. Please call me to discuss bringing Mr. Reynolds in to speak.

    Working together, we really can make a difference. Thank you for caring! Give me a call, and let's talk.


    Very truly yours,


    Office Manager



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