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County health departments can sometimes immediately sponsor the cost. Call your county health department, and propose our program to the tobacco control officer there.

A second funding possibility is your local tobaccofree coalition. The American Cancer Society, Lung Association, or Heart Association branch in your city can give you their phone number. Local tobaccofree coalitions are frequent contributors.

A third funding source is local hospitals. Community Relations directors often sponsor Mr. Reynolds' middle and high school assembly program as a community goodwill builder. Some have chosen to turn Mr. Reynolds' appearance into a major event by bussing in two to three thousand children to hear him speak.

The Student Activities Director at local colleges may cosponsor, or provide a venue for a college or community talk. Colleges usually have a budget for guest speakers; call the Student Activities Office.

In developing future tobacco prevention grant proposals, live speakers are an excellent idea. Since the tobacco lawsuits' settlement agreement with Big Tobacco, several States have now allocated a portion of the total $246 billion settlement to tobacco education. If the local county health department can not help you, then call tobacco control officer in your State capitol's Department of Health. They will know what funding is available.

When approaching sponsors, always give them our website and number. Additional cosponsor suggestions may be found at our website page, www.tobaccofree.org/cospon.htm.

See the talking points below.

Cost for
Middle schools and high schools

The cost for live presentations is $3,000 per day, plus travel expenses from Los Angeles. This covers two middle or high school assembly programs. Additional talks to middle or high schools may be added for $1,500 per talk. These rates are for schools and non-profits only; corporate-sponsored rates are higher.

There is a $3,000 minimum per overnight stay. Pending availability, Mr. Reynolds can go on tour for several days. Driving time between talks should average no more than 30 to 40 minutes. He will give up to three talks per day.

We also recommend the new video of his live talk for 7th to 12th grade. Please see www.tobaccofree.org/video.htm for details.

Whether Mr. Reynolds speaks to large or small groups, media coverage has been consistently excellent. It's a great way to bring the smokefree message to your entire city, generate goodwill, and make a difference in the local community.

Cost for Universities, health conferences and community events

The cost for one live presentation to adults is $3,950, plus travel expenses from Los Angeles. The program generally runs 90 minutes, half of which is Q&A with the audience. This covers the cost of Mr. Reynolds' new talk for college students, Initiation!, or his talk for health conferences, community events or colleges, Tobacco Wars! The Battle for a Smokefree Society.


Suggested talking points
when approaching sponsors

  • Say you have a speaker you'd like to bring in to the community to speak, and whether he will speak at middle schools, high schools, or on a college campus -- or a combination of these.

  • Tell them it's Patrick Reynolds, the grandson of tobacco company founder R.J. Reynolds, who turned his back on the family tobacco business after losing his father to smoking.

  • Mention that his talk receives very positive local media coverage, and this will build community goodwill, and also bring the message to the wider community.

  • Give them our phone number, (310) 577-9828, and the web page, www.tobaccofree.org/infopack. Suggest to them that they may wish to print out the information there.

  • Let them know the cost (see above). Pending availability, Mr. Reynolds can go on tour for several days.

  • If time permits, read them a quote from our page, What past clients say.

  • Ask if they would like for you to send an email to them about your idea. If so, jot down their email and send them a link to www.tobaccofree.org/infopack. Or just leave it on their answering machine. If you need a cover letter for the email, just copy the top of our www.tobaccofree.org/infopack9.html page -- it's a good cover letter to paste into your email. Add a personal note at the top, and suggest that they circulate your email to other health departments or staff.

  • Remember to leave our phone number, (310) 577-9828.

Please give potential sponsors our web address and phone:

(310) 577-9828

A note about scheduling talks

If you desire an evening presentation, please schedule it on the same day he arrives from Los Angeles. This will avoid two overnight stays.

Because Mr. Reynolds is traveling from California, he is accustomed to that time zone. If you are in the Midwest or East, please make best efforts to avoid scheduling his first day's talk in the early morning. An 8am talk in the East, for example, equates to 5am, California time. So if he's arriving from California the night before, late morning times are best, if possible. If he is already on the road, it will not matter.On subsequent tour days, talks may be scheduled early.

On the final tour day, please make best efforts to schedule his last talk in time for him to make a flight which will land back in Los Angeles by 8pm, if possible. Delta is his preferred airline. Office Manager in our office can work together with you on travel arrangements, after our standard contract has been signed.


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