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Community Relations Proposal

Build tremendous goodwill for your company at the local, national or international level

Sponsor this well known American’s tobacco prevention talk at one or more local schools to youth age 12-18, with press invited.

Sponsor an international speaking tour of schools and a meeting with the nation’s Minister of Health, and receive national news coverage in that nation.


Patrick Reynolds is a well known tobaccofree advocate, and also a grandson of tobacco company founder RJ Reynolds. Patrick, however, took a public stand for a smokefree society and has made a difference with his life. He has dedicated himself to preventing youth from starting to smoke, and helping smokers to quit.

Mr. Reynolds first spoke out publicly after his father, RJ Reynolds, Jr, died from smoking. Today Patrick is a well known motivational speaker and advocate, specializing in youth smoking
prevention and rallying communities around the smokefree cause. He also runs the non-profit group, Tobaccofree Earth.

Local press coverage of Mr. Reynolds’ talks to community groups and at schools builds goodwill for clients who sponsor his talks. Past and present sponsors include local businesses, hospitals, health departments, school districts, community groups and international governments.


Mr. Reynolds is open to forming a relationship with a corporate sponsor for a national or international speaking tour. Tobaccofree Earth can provide your company with full support for booking his talk in local schools in the US or internationally.


Mr. Reynolds would speak initially at a high school or middle school in the city where your company is headquartered. Your executives may attend. Your company could then decide whether to send Mr. Reynolds on to speak in other US cities, possibly in cities where your organization has plants or offices.

You may also view online video clips from his live talk for youth at

Recent TV news coverage of Mr. Reynolds may be viewed online at Recent print media coverage is listed at

More links follow below. If desired, his tour could later be expanded to other nations.

Press would be invited by your public relations office.


In April, 2009, the Minister of Health of Greece invited Mr. Reynolds to Greece to speak to youth and adults, and appeared together with him at a conference.

There was extensive national news coverage in Greece, and in addition to the coverage of the conference, Patrick was profiled by many national newspapers, magazines, radio and TV networks.

The following month, Mr. Reynolds received a letter of praise from the Greek Health Ministry.

Mr. Reynolds would speak in nations of your choosing, and promote the tobacco free cause in the national press of each country, as he so successfully did in Greece. Your company would be credited as sponsor, and would invite the media.

In each nation he would speak to children and if the Minister of Health agreed, he could also meet with him or her publicly or privately, as you prefer.

He could go on a multi-city goodwill tour of large nations like China, speaking to children in the largest cities, with local newspapers and TV invited in each city.

The news coverage will be national, as it was in Greece, and will bring the tobacco-free message to millions of people all over each country.

In addition it will build great goodwill for your company. A typical headline in Greece read, “Grandson of a tobacco baron asks children to stay smoke-free.” In Greece, his sponsor was the Ministry of Health.

Please contact Mr. Reynolds’ office to discuss having this respected champion of the tobacco-free cause build goodwill for your group.

Links with Further Info

Patrick Reynolds’ biography

Online video clips of Mr. Reynolds’ recent TV news interviews

Online video clips of Patrick Reynolds speaking to youth in school

Our proposal for Heath Ministers

Letter from the Greek Health Ministry about Mr. Reynolds’ tour there in April, 2009

Copies of Greek media coverage of Mr. Reynolds’ 2009 tour in Greece

Contact information for Mr. Reynolds’ staff

Proposal Details

Mr. Reynolds’ program would provide an excellent community service and outreach for your company. He will speak to children ages 10 – 17 (grades 6 – 12), typically in a school assembly program, with press invited.

If desired, he can also present community talks to adult groups, coordinated with the local community’s tobaccofree coalition. Community members may also be invited to attend
his talks at schools, if they approve.

Your group would be in control of the public relations campaign, of the final content of Mr. Reynolds’ talks, and of all marketing for the event.

Surrounding schools are sometimes bused in to create a larger event of 2,000 to 3,000 students. Mr. Reynolds’ clients who do this always get great support from the tobacco control coordinator at the local county health department. This official is usually pleased to act as a liaison to the schools, and will be help facilitate booking his talks at schools in the local community.

Mr. Reynolds is well known to tobacco control staff across the US. Many of them would be thrilled to work with you, as the sponsor of his program.

Our office will provide schools with materials such as a Teacher’s Class Discussion Guide, for follow-up study in the classroom, after his assembly program. We can also provide public relations materials to clients, and offer an evaluation form for students to fill out after his talks, if feedback is desired by the company or local Health Departments.

This program will build a bridge for your company to both employees and the local community, in cities wherever your company has offices or factories.

In summary, Patrick Reynolds’ program will be an excellent and innovative goodwill building program for your group.


We propose to begin our relationship with two to four talks at schools in the city where your company Headquarters is located. In this way, your executives could easily attend and evaluate one of his talks.

If this program is deemed to be successful, it could then be expanded to other cities where your company has plants or offices — in the US, or internationally.


Please call us to discuss the cost. Mr. Reynolds will typically give 2 school talks per day, plus media interviews, and travel time between cities. The company may invite local press at its option. Up to three talks daily are possible. Speaking fees for non-profit groups like schools are reduced.


Mr. Reynolds’ smoking prevention motivational talk will build goodwill for your company with the local community.

Whether Mr. Reynolds speaks to adults or to youth, his program in the US is a great outreach to the community through local media coverage of his talks. The news story of a tobacco company founder’s grandson asking children not to start smoking, and helping to foster the work of local tobaccofree coalitions, is one the media will cover in a very positive way.

In other nations, his program can be expected to attract national news coverage.

This program is a unique opportunity for your company to build goodwill — an innovative concept with a moderate cost.

Most important, it will make a difference in many young lives, and raise awareness about tobacco use through strong press coverage of your company’s new outreach and program.


Brief info about Patrick Reynolds’ live talks:

Feedback from schools, hospitals, and colleges:

Recent news coverage:

Video clips of his talk:

Educational video of his live talk:

How to get local co-sponsors:

Results of evaluations:

Contact information for Mr. Reynolds’ staff:


Tobaccofree Earth would also be pleased to apply to your corporate giving department, to see if we meet their guidelines for grants.

Detailed information on the foundation may be found at

Our acclaimed educational video may also be purchased as a gift to employees with children, or as a gift to local area schools. Our thanks for your interest and consideration.

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