Dear Community Relations Executive,

I'm glad we spoke this week. Per our conversation, enclosed you will find the information on Patrick Reynolds. As a grandson of R.J. Reynolds, founder of the tobacco company, Patrick Reynolds' work educating youth about cigarettes and "spit tobacco" has had powerful impact. Mr. Reynolds has testified before Congress and State Legislatures, and the media coverage of his talks before universities, elementary and high schools, and medical forums, has made him a nationally known and respected American figure. He's a man who has made a difference with his life.

The dozens of recent news stories on tobacco have heightened interest in the topic. Mr. Reynolds' talks are consistently well attended by the local media, and build strong goodwill for sponsor/s. Having him speak at a local high or elementary school would be a great opportunity for you to build a bridge to the local community. At Universities Mr. Reynolds attracts strong student attendance, as well as substantial turnout of faculty and community members.

You may even wish to sponsor a three or four day speaking tour of middle schools in the community.

Patrick opens his talk with his memories of his father R.J. Reynolds, Jr.'s death from emphysema caused by smoking the family brands. Patrick was 15 at the time. He impacts audiences emotionally. This is why so many past clients have called Mr. Reynolds an exceptional and powerful speaker.

Colleges and high schools remark on his power as a speaker, and on the students' strong interest during Q & A sessions. At colleges and health conferences where Mr. Reynolds spoke last season, attendance was excellent, and his talk drew excellent reviews from attending students, health workers and community members.

His program for adults generally runs 90 minutes -- 45 minutes of lecture, and 45 minutes of Q & A. Following the Q & A program, Mr. Reynolds likes to invite those interested to join him for an informal reception so he can meet them personally, and so interested community members can meet and exchange cards. His talk is titled, TOBACCO WARS: THE BATTLE FOR A SMOKEFREE SOCIETY.

Mr. Reynolds' talk to children generally runs for a school period -- about 50 minutes -- an it also includes a Q & A session, which often captivates children and teens alike. It is also always well attended by the local media.

We believe that Mr. Reynolds' honorarium is very reasonable for a national name speaker. Please call his office in Los Angeles for the current fee information, for single dates or multi-day tours.

If you need more information about Mr. Reynolds' lecture work, the complete information package may be printed out from Mr. Reynolds' Internet site, http://www.tobaccofree.org -- or you could call his office directly at (310) 577-9828 , in Los Angeles. They would be pleased to send you the information. The information package may also be printed out from www.tobaccofree.org/infopack.htm.

I'm doing this because I care deeply about smoking, and the sadness and devastation it causes families. Educating youth early about tobacco will save lives in our community. I believe in the important work Patrick Reynolds is doing, and know that through his voice we can reach many people with an important message.

Please call me at Tel. (______) ________________ to discuss bringing Mr. Reynolds here to speak. Working together we will make a real difference.

Very truly yours,