Dear College Lecture Programmer,

I'm glad we spoke this week. Per our conversation, here is the information you requested on Patrick Reynolds' lecture work.

As you know, tobacco issues have been the headlines a great deal recently. There have been front page stories on the $240 billion settlement between the tobacco industry and the States’ Attorneys General. There have been articles about the flight attendants’ class action suit being settled for $300 million, RJ Reynolds’ voluntary withdrawal of their cartoon character Joe Camel, Florida’s $19.3 billion settlement, FDA Regulation, the former employees turned whistleblowers, the emergence of the secret tobacco company papers, and much more.

So now is a very timely moment to book Patrick Reynolds. Student interest is keen. He’ll also get great local press coverage, because he’s a well known national figure in this arena. In recent months, Patrick has appeared on The Today Show, Larry King, CNBC, CNN Newsnight, MSNBC, Extra, Charles Grodin, 60 Minutes, and on the new Fox News channel. Local press coverage is always strong, and this will bring the tobacco-free message to your entire community.

Student interest in Mr. Reynolds' talk has also been strong, and attendance has been excellent at colleges. At SUNY Potsdam – a campus of only 7,000 students -- he drew over 175 students. And his lectures consistently draw raves from attending students, faculty and community members.

He offers his insightful perspective on recent tobacco headlines, and he tells a number of anecdotes about the colorful R.J. Reynolds tobacco family. While the talk also delivers plenty of up-to-the-minute information on current tobacco issues, it also has humor. "Cigars and spit tobacco," he says, "are evidence of the new masculinity crisis..." He makes fun of tobacco ads as well. He also tells the moving story of his father's death from smoking when he was 15, which impacts audiences emotionally. Client after client has called Patrick Reynolds a powerful speaker.

Because of the aggressive advertising and marketing in the Third World, worldwide smoking has increased 73% since 1968. At present rates, smoking will eventually kill 9% of the present world population -- 500 million people! And the proposed FDA restrictions on tobacco advertising have not yet gone into effect, and the U.S. continues with the lowest cigarette tax in the entire industrialized world.

Patrick Reynolds explains why all this is happening, and offers updates on these issues. He details how the tobacco companies’ political contributions have until now succeeded in blocking any new restrictions on tobacco.

Finally, Mr. Reynolds offers handouts telling what we can each do to effectively fight back – and he closes the talk with his unique and inspiring vision of the coming smokefree society in the 21st century.

University programmers comment on the students’ strong interest during the Q & A session which follows the lecture. They also are impressed with the exceptional media coverage of Mr. Reynolds’ lecture – and this will bring the stay-smokefree message to your entire community.

The program generally runs 90 minutes -- 45 minutes of lecture, and 45 minutes of Q & A. Following the Q & A program, Mr. Reynolds likes to invite those interested to join him for an informal reception so he can meet them personally, and so that interested community members can meet and exchange cards. Often there is an informal dinner afterward with members of the student government.

In addition, local hospitals will often contribute $2000 or more toward the cost. You'll find a list of Cosponsor Ideas at the internet page, http://www.tobaccofree.org/cospon.htm -- or call or e-mail Mr. Reynolds' office, and they'll send you a complete information package. The email address is: . The full information package may also be printed out from www.tobaccofree.org/infopack.htm.

This nationally known speaker will give a memorable talk and also build a wealth of goodwill for your lecture program, by receiving positive, strong media coverage.

I'm doing this because I care deeply about smoking, and the sadness and devastation it causes families. Educating youth early about tobacco will save lives in our community. I believe in the important work Patrick Reynolds is doing, and know that through his voice we will reach many people with an important message.

Please call me at Tel. (_______) ________________ to discuss bringing Mr. Reynolds here to speak. Working together we will make a real difference.

Very truly yours,