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1. The Addictiveness of Nicotine
3 minites 50 seconds

Patrick Reynolds tells youth the truth about tobacco advertising in the bestselling educational video of his live talk to 1,000 teens.


2. "Tobacco ads have no effect on me!"
5 minutes 10 seconds

Mr. Reynolds discusses tobacco advertising and the unconscious mind, and relates the classic story of Dr. Pavlov and his dog.


3. Countertop Tobacco Displays
Smoking in Movies

4 minutes 18 seconds

Fact: countertop displays are actually paid advertising. Stores get a monthly fee from tobacco companies to keep these displays in full view, and they help make tobacco look like a normal, usual product. Until recent years, they were on front counters, at child eye level, next to the candy where they were too easy for kids to shoplift. Also: smoking by stars in movies and TV.



The Story of Sean Marsee:
Death from tobacco at age 19

4 minutes 09 seconds


Repeatedly called the most powerful part of the video.
This section is useful with younger children as well as teens.
5. Keep Your Faith in Future
4 minutes 09 seconds

In our time of teen worry about a bad economy, new diseases, terrorism and foriegn wars, global warming, and a faltering economy, this section aims to give students new hope and inspiration to believe in the future. "Catch my faith that the future will be incredible," says Mr. Reynolds in this clip. "Hold on to your health and stay tobacco, drug and alcohol free, because you'll need your health in the wondrous, amazing years ahead of you, in this 21st Century of ours!"


6. Initiation into Life
4 minutes 50 seconds

"Life will bring difficulty at times, and when hard moments come, don't run away from the problem, and escape into alcohol, tobacco or drugs. And don't isolate -- talk to a trusted teacher, the school counselor, your parents, and together we'll solve the problem. The tobacco-free society is coming, and it's coming because of you,and the choices you make. You are the future!"


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